Sunday, January 16, 2011

Mayo to be added to mix in Carmelo Anthony deal?

The New York Knicks are supposedly the team that Carmelo Anthony(notes) really wants to play for, but the word has always been that the New Jersey Nets have far more quality to offer in a deal than the Knicks.
The New York Post reports that the Knicks have "reached out" to the Memphis Grizzlies to see if they would be agreeable to including O.J. Mayo(notes) in a three-way trade with the Denver Nuggets for Anthony.
A Knicks exec told the Post, however, that "it is not a serious discussion and Denver has not even been brought into it."
Mayo, of course, is the second-year shooting guard who was picked third overall in the 2008 draft out of USC. He's averaging 12.7 points, 2.7 rebounds and 1.9 assists per game this season.

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